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Knowing Your Security Options for Renting

Some investments are well worth the time and money that you put into it, and for some, real estate is that thriving money maker. When you become a landlord of a rental property or are renting, it is just as hard to find a good landlord as it is to find a fitting tenant. As a landlord it is your responsibility to keep a “warranty of habitability.” You can achieve this by ensuring your tenant has a livable, clean, and safe environment they can call home. So, we want to give you a heads-up to both landlord and tenants when it comes to your security of rental properties.

Clever Ways to Remember Your Keys

You grab your wallet and head out the door locking the bottom latch. You reach into your pocket, and there are no keys. Then there is that sudden moment of realization that you left your keys on the kitchen counter. You get a pit in your stomach because now you don’t know what to do! Of course, your solution is to call Safe and Sound for your quick and efficient locksmithing needs. We are so kind that we even give you a list of ideas on how to remember your keys for next time!

Your Underwear Drawer is Not a Good Hiding Spot

It’s time to relocate your valuables because your sock or underwear drawer isn’t cutting it! Your home, yourself, and your belongings should not only feel safe but be protected. We got some facts that will blow your mind about the billions of dollars worth of stolen goods each year. Now, stop thinking that burglars are too weirded out with going through your drawers and invest in some real security!

Play it Safe this Holiday

There are less than ten days until Christmas!! The holiday season can be stressful enough, but we will make it easy for you. Not only do we specialize in locksmithing services, but we also have plenty of products for sale as well. Check out this gift guide for some ideas that are sure to be on the top gift list.

Uh oh! You're Locked Out! Now What?

I am sure all of us have been standing on our doorstep with the sudden realization that our keys are inside our home somewhere. At Safe and Sound, our job is to make this process easy and enjoyable for you as possible. Our goal is to be your go-to locksmith for when you lock yourself out or any of your locksmithing needs. As a courtesy, we are going to give you a list of things to do and not do when you find yourself on your doorstep with no keys.


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