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Clever Ways to Remember Your Keys

You grab your wallet and head out the door locking the bottom latch. You reach into your pocket, and there are no keys. Then there is that sudden moment of realization that you left your keys on the kitchen counter. You get a pit in your stomach because now you don’t know what to do! Of course, your solution is to call Safe and Sound for your quick and efficient locksmithing needs. We are so kind that we even give you a list of ideas on how to remember your keys for next time!

Give Them a Home

We always try to keep them in the same spot, but sometimes we throw them down after a long day of work, and “poof” they are gone. Newton’s First Law of motion may have been correct after all: an object at rest stays at rest. So if you leave your keys in a designated spot, they won’t magically grow legs like we think they do. The first thing you should always do when you get home is to put your keys in a specific spot instead of walking around with them and placing them down wherever you see fit.

The easiest way to designate a location is by placing them on a hook or dish that stays in the same spot. A secure place that you will remember to grab your keys is near the door you commonly enter and exit from, whether it be your garage door or front door. There are plenty of options to meet your decoration needs like the entryway organizer from Pottery Barn below. It is simple but gets the job done! Placing hooks or mail and key organizers near your doors is a constant reminder not to forget your keys.

Don’t Underestimate a Good Ol’ Fanny Pack

A “waist pack” is perfect for carrying just the essentials when you are out and about. When going for a run, you might need your phone, headphones, and a house key, so a belt bag is the way to go! There is nothing more uncomfortable than your keys flopping around in your pockets while you are running around the block. Fanny packs keep things secure and handsfree!

Set a Reminder or Note

There is no shame in setting a phone reminder five minutes before you are supposed to leave that reminds you to grab ALL your items: wallet, ID, cell, keys, etc. You can also write on sticky notes which can apply to all members of the household, including homework for your children, your wallet, items you said you were going to return to Target three months ago. Some key-holders have a white or chalkboard, so this is a great place to write, "Don't forget your keys!"

Go Bright and Flashy

If you are someone who is often losing their keys, your best option might be going with bright and colorful key-rings or lanyards. Lanyards are a great option because they are long, colorful, and can easily hang. Hanging your lanyard is not limited to keeping around your neck; they can go anywhere! You can also decide to bulk up your keychain with colorful and unusually shaped key-rings. Although you don't want a janitor style keyring, adding bulk and flash to your keys makes them easy to find.

Train Your Brain

It only takes three weeks to create a new habit, and training your brain to remember to check for your keys is way easier than training your mind to go to the gym every day. Train your brain to always check your pockets or purse. You can create a routine that includes checking the rooms to turn off the lights, grab your wallet, grab your keys, and you're good to go!

Always stop and think before you place your keys down. You have to consider whether or not you will remember this particular spot or if this is their designated spot. Train your brain to always think twice when it comes to your keys.

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