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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between a Kwikset lock and a Schlage lock?

Quality. Kwikset locks are among the lowest quality locks on the market today. However you will find them at every major Home Improvement store there is and the reason is because they are cheap and they do a good enough job. Schlage on the other hand produces their locks with more of an emphasis on quality and security. That being said both of the locks are mass produced for chain stores like "Home Depot", "Lowe's", and "Ace Hardware". As a security professional we sell both of the products but if our customers want real security we would recommend neither of them!


When it comes to Safes and their locks which is more secure, an old school mechanical dial or an electronic lock?

From a security standpoint an Electronic Lock is much more secure than a Mechanical Dial Combination lock. The first reason is that Electronic locks offer up to 10Billion different combination configurations where as the older style Mechanical locks can offer only up to 1Million combinations. The second reason is that Electronic locks can be set so that if the wrong combination is entered 5-10 times there will be a 15 minute time delay to prevent a criminal from continually trying to guess your combination. Where on a Mechanical combination lock there is no counter-measures to stop a criminal from sitting there entering combinations until he is successful. These are only a few of the reasons why Electronic locks are more secure than the old Mechanical combination locks. 


I lost the keys to my home or business. Do I have to have the locks replaced entirely?

Good news. No! Just because you lose the keys to your home or your business does not mean you need to replace the locks themselves. Instead what we can do to make sure your security is not compromised and you don't have to spend a lot of money replacing your locks we can just RE-KEY them! This will ensure that NO ONE but you has a key to your home! It also doesn't require spending all that money replacing the locks on your home or business.

Customer: "I lost the keys to my home. I need new locks!" Locksmith: " We can just re-key your locks, so you don't have to buy all new locks!"

We get calls all the time from our customers asking us to replace there locks because they lost there keys or someone has a key to there home that shouldn't. Our response is always, " We should just re-key your locks!" When you re-key your locks you eliminate the chance of anyone else having a key to your home. It is much cheaper than actually replacing all of the locks on your home, which can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. When a locksmith re-keys your locks you also get the advantage of having a security professional clean, lubricate, and check to make sure the locks are properly functioning! 

We get calls all the time from customers and they state “We need new locks." the first thing we ask is,” Do you need new locks?" or "Do you need your locks 'Re-keyed'?" So what is the difference?

Every lock has a key that works that and only that lock. This is possible due to the cuts in the key and how they correspond to the combination of pins inside the lock. So when a locksmith "Re-keys" a lock they are essentially changing the combination of that lock to work with a completely new key. Re-keying a lock makes it so the key that was originally working the lock no longer functions. It is an extremely easy and affordable way to increase the security of your home or business.