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Everything you Need to Know Before Hiring a Locksmith

Locks are supposed to restrict access to unauthorized persons. That could mean no burglaries in your house, no theft in your office. But we’ve all seen situations wherein we’ve forgotten our keys, locked ourselves out, lost keys, or the lock is too damaged to open, and you’re locked inside. If you’re sick, you contact a doctor, if your fan is not working, you call an electrician. And yet, the idea of calling a locksmith is so new for certain people. Here are some of the reasons why you would need a locksmith, and you might realize you already need a locksmith as you read them all.

Maintain Key Control, Enhance Security

The most common reason to re-key or switch out your locks is to maintain key control of your residential or commercial property. At Safe and Sound, we offer various re-keying and security solutions. With the help of Mul-T-Lock's MT5 locking solutions and platform, we can guarantee you a level of maximum protection, flexibility, and convenience to meet your needs in any industry. The MT5 and MT5+ offer you a security solution for life, and we are here to make that possible!

Realtors - This One’s For you!

Realtors and locksmiths are the perfect pair! As a realtor, you may be dealing with a lot of the daily work that we locksmiths can handle. When you hire us to do the daily grind, that gives you more time to focus on sealing the deal but, most importantly, making sure the properties are secure. It only seems appropriate that we work together. If you are still contemplating hiring a locksmith for things you do daily, imagine how easy your day would be if you hire us to support you! Check out the list below to determine if you are ready for a change in your daily work life.

The Importance of Gun Safety

At Safe and Sound, we are strong advocates for our families’ safety, and that includes you. We vouch to serve our community with safety and security that is beyond providing locksmith services. We understand the importance of feeling safe and how that uneasy feeling can genuinely affect your everyday life. Everyone should feel safe not only in their homes but in all places like neighborhoods, workplaces, venues, theaters, shopping centers, places of worship, and, most certainly, our schools.

Why You Should Care About Your Door Hardware

Every home is unique, so that means your door hardware should be too. The subtle addition of decorative door hardware adds personality and charm to any home, door, or cabinet. Our clients need efficient, fast, and unique solutions daily, whether that means your old doorknob broke or you finally realized that your doorknobs have a different finish. Not to mention, your front door, along with the landscaping, are the essential features for curb appeal. Most people are interested in a home that looks inviting and aesthetically pleasing, and the same goes for a company or commercial space.


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