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Your Underwear Drawer is Not a Good Hiding Spot

It’s time to relocate your valuables because your sock or underwear drawer isn’t cutting it! Your home, yourself, and your belongings should not only feel safe but be protected. We got some facts that will blow your mind about the billions of dollars worth of stolen goods each year. Now, stop thinking that burglars are too weirded out with going through your drawers and invest in some real security!

When it comes to security, things can get serious quickly, especially when you are the victim. There was a recent statistic that showed, in the US, there was a total value of stolen property of over $13.5 billion. This statistic may just seem like a number, but if we focus on a location closer to us, maybe it will have a more significant impact. How about Collier County? In fact, two Collier County gentlemen were able to rob several upscale homes in the evenings where they claimed thousands of dollars in cash and material items. Another case that is close to home in Collier County involved numerous robberies conducted by the “Ninja Robbers” who left with millions of dollars and stolen property. Luckily, they have since been sentenced to 45 years in prison. What I am trying to explain isn't to scare you, but to help you realize the importance of being and feeling secure in your home.

One of the first things a robber does before they enter the home is to approach your front door. Because of previous news announcements and practically giving the intruders ideas about entry, it has become rather easy for them to walk into homes. Picture this instead, a cutting-edge multi-point lock systematic door created with unwavering strength, ballistic protection, and reinforced with steel profiles just to ensure your front door safety. If that doesn’t scream protection, then I don’t know what does!

Okay, maybe you want to pass on this state-of-the-art technology and want to go more simple with a vault or a safe, you can do that too! Let’s check out a local listing for a Waterproof & Fire Resistant Safe; it comes with a digital lock and override key. Eighty-three pounds of protection at $300.00! Great deal! WRONG! The features of this safe include internal storage and pry-resistant.

So in theory, that would make you just another victim of the $2.5 billion worth of stolen property including currency and jewelry. Instead, what you want to get is a safe or vault worth the value of the products that you have inside. We offer the CashVault with the general purpose of simple functionality with excellent protection for the price. Let’s compare the features, shall we?

● Half inch thick solid steel door

● Hardened drill resistant hard plate to prevent drilling

● Spring loaded relocking system to lock down safe if attacked

● Reinforced door frame to resist prying

● Auto-locking system will extend the bolt work when door is closed

So before you go out and buy a safe or any lock system for your home or valuables, you may want to read up on the high quality, secure selections that we provide here at Safe and Sound. Not only do we have options that protect your items, but we also serve to protect you! To find out what the ‘safest’ option is for you contact us today at (239) 289-1555 or online at [email protected]