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Who Has My Keys Presentation

Who Has My Keys Presentation

"Who Has My Keys?" 

Free Educational Seminar

Hosted by: Diane Pisani of Your Home Watch Professionals & Mark Gabel of Safe & Sound.

Is your home "really" safe & sound whether you are in town or not? 

Presented by local experts, Diane & Mark promise to educate, inform & entertain! 

This is a perfect seminar for Seasonal Residents, Realtors, Property & Association Managers. 

When & Where:

How to STOP a Break-In!

How to STOP a Break-In!

How to Keep criminals OUT of your home!

Many people think it will never happen to them, however according to the FBI a home is broken into every 14 seconds. Luckily, there are a lot of simple and affordable things you can do right now to prevent this from ever happening to you and your family!

1.) Advertise You Have An Alarm... (Even if you don't.)

What is "Safe & Sound"?

What is "Safe & Sound"?

Safe & Sound is a full service security provider. We offer turnkey security solutions for commercial and residential markets. Safe & Sound originally started as a Locksmith and door repair company in Naples, FL back in 2008. The owner and original operator of the company Mark Gabel became aware of a growing demand for better security solutions to accommodate an ever faster moving and more complicated world. The name of the company was changed to Safe & Sound to allow customers to better recognize and associate with what the companies mission had become.

What is the REAL cost?

This is what happens when you hire an untrained locksmith!

     Here is the scenario, it’s Saturday evening and you arrive home from the airport after just getting back from a two week long much needed vacation. When you get to your front door you suddenly realize you don’t have your keys to get into your home! You’re exhausted from all the fun you had on your vacation and from the long flight home that was delayed because TSA had to double check everyone’s shoes!


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