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The Infamous Bump Key...

The Infamous Bump Key...

Have you heard of the infamous “Bump key”? If you haven’t you need to know what it is and what it does, because criminals already do!


When I first became a locksmith I had to learn how to pick a lock, it took me months to refine and perfect my technique. I thought it was so cool and that I had acquired a skill that very few people had, then one day a few years ago another locksmith shared with me the “Bump Key”. He was telling me that he had these keys that would open any lock no matter what pin combination it had in just a minute, I said yeah right! Prove it! So he did... I was in shock, it didn’t take him a minute, it only took 15 seconds... All I could think about was all those months of training and practicing for nothing! I could have just made one of these keys! 




What is It?


The bump key is a method/tool that locksmiths have been using for decades to open a lock without a key. Anyone can use and make a bump key, all it takes is the correct type of key that goes into whatever type of lock you are attempting to open. The most common keyways in Southwest Florida are; Kwikset, Schlage, and Yale. You can make a “Bump Key” for these locks in a matter of minutes and have the lock opened in less time that that! 



How does it work?

1.) Insert the bump key into the lock. 

2.) Pull the bump key back slightly, one space or cut. 

3.) Apply pressure either at the top or bottom of the head of the key in the direction you need to turn the key to unlock the lock. 

4.) Hit the back of the key hard, making sure not to smash your fingers. 

5.) Repeat until the lock opens. 


It really is as simple as that! 



Why You Should Be Concerned?

The reason the “Bump Key” has recently become a serious security threat is due to the widespread accessibility of information and training on how to use these tools and methods. If you search Google or YouTube for the “Bump Key” you will find millions of pages and videos on how to make and use a “Bump Key”. 


When criminals use a method such as a bump key to break into a home or office it leaves no sign of a “Forced Entry” this allows some insurance companies the right to refuse your claim if you have property that is stolen. 


We are seeing the “Bump Key” being used more and more by criminals today! 



Enough bad news! Here are some solutions to prevent the “Bump Key”! 


1.) Master Lock Bump Stop Technology (Least Expensive) 

2.) Schlage Everest Technology (Best Value)

3.) Mul-T-Lock Technology (Best Security) 


In Conclusion:

When it comes to the security and protection of your home or business you need to take the proper steps in making sure you have the proper protection. Don’t take a chance in becoming another statistic, called a properly trained security professional today to have them asses the security needs and vulnerabilities you have.