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Everything You Need To Know About Safe Rooms

Construction of a safe room

Mastering Safe Rooms: Your Complete Guide to Design and Security

In an era of uncertainty, safe rooms stand as a beacon of security for homeowners. This comprehensive guide delves into the purpose, construction, and crucial aspects of creating a safe room within your home to shield against threats like home invasions, severe weather, and violence.

Purpose of Safe Rooms: Discover why safe rooms are indispensable for safeguarding against home invasions, burglaries, and natural disasters.

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents

Safe And Sound offers Tailored Solutions To Real Estate Agents!

We understand the difficult demands and responsibilities of real estate agents, and that is why we have custom tailored some of our services to make your job easier! Being in the real estate business is definitely exciting and fun but as I am sure you are aware can be very challenging at times. So here are some of the pains we can eliminate for you:

Home Owners

Home Owners

Safe And Sound Knows The Importance of Protecting Your Home!

Congratulations on purchasing your new home! I definitely know how exciting it is to purchase a new home, whether you plan on using it as a rental property or living in it full time, it is truly a thrill! However, there are quite a few things you have to make sure you take care of before you can sit back and relax and enjoy your new home. If you purchased your home to use as a rental property, CLICK HERE NOW! Here are some things to consider when protecting your investment:

Property Managers

Property Managers

Safe And Sound Specializes in Serving Property Managers!

We know how difficult of a job property managers have these days. With the uncertain economic times causing tenants to come and go frequently, adding to the already daunting task of trying to manage large properties and all the problems that arise with them... Here are some of the problems and headaches we can relieve you of:

How Many Locks Do You Really Need?

How Many Locks Do You Really Need?

How Many Locks Do You Really Need To Keep Criminals Out?

Over the years we have certainly had our share of, well we will just say "unique" requests... I have been asked to put extremely low quality locks on very high end homes with millions of dollars' worth of valuables in the home, and I have been asked to put 4 high security locks on the doors to homes where the locks are the most valuable things in sight...

Safe And Sound Donates Gift Basket To Friends of Foster Children

Safe And Sound, Inc. , Friends of Foster Children, Naples, FL

Mark Gabel, President of Safe And Sound, Inc. has donated a $1,200 gift basket to Friends of Foster Children. The basket will be auctioned at the annual "Boots & Boogie Bash" which hopes to raise money for this worthwhile and much needed charity. When asked why he supports FFC, Gabel said, "There are lots of charities that do amazing things. However, I have always believed that any organization that helps kids is invaluable. FFC fills that need by helping kids who desperately need it, not only do they need help financially, but they need guidance and support in life.


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