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How Many Locks Do You Really Need?

How Many Locks Do You Really Need?

How Many Locks Do You Really Need To Keep Criminals Out?

Over the years we have certainly had our share of, well we will just say "unique" requests... I have been asked to put extremely low quality locks on very high end homes with millions of dollars' worth of valuables in the home, and I have been asked to put 4 high security locks on the doors to homes where the locks are the most valuable things in sight...

I think my favorite would have to be this sweet older woman who requested that I put a lock on all the corners of her front door. She asked me if I could do this over the phone and I answered her question truthfully, of course we are capable of doing this but why don't we come out to check your doors and see if that will be the best thing to do to keep you safe. She agreed, and once I got out to her home the first thing I noticed was that her door was extremely old and still had the jealously glass window in the door... You know, the type where you can remove the glass from the outside of the door, while its locked...

The point of the story is your chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This old adage applies to your homes security, specifically your front door, which according to the FBI is the most likely entry point of a criminal. (FBI Statistics)

So the question remains, How Many Locks Do You Need To Keep Criminals OUT!

The answer: JUST 1

However, "The 1" Door lock needs to be a

  1. High Quality Lock
  2. Installed Correctly
  3. Properly Functioning 

Then all you have to do is just make sure you USE IT!

I'm not joking! You would be absolutely shocked at the number of people who leave their doors unlocked, making it almost impossible for any Locksmith or Security professional to properly do their job. Especially here in Naples, FL... Where everyone is on a permanent vacation. A lot of people don't realize the inherent dangers that are present here in Naples. We live in a very beautiful and quiet community. We definitely don't advertise that there is much crime here, primarily because it is one of the country's premier tourist destinations. But believe me, there is crime here in beautiful Naples, FL. So make sure you lock your doors!