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What is "Safe & Sound"?

What is

Safe & Sound is a full service security provider. We offer turnkey security solutions for commercial and residential markets. Safe & Sound originally started as a Locksmith and door repair company in Naples, FL back in 2008. The owner and original operator of the company Mark Gabel became aware of a growing demand for better security solutions to accommodate an ever faster moving and more complicated world. The name of the company was changed to Safe & Sound to allow customers to better recognize and associate with what the companies mission had become. To truly provide effective security solutions for their clients, leaving them feeling “Safe & Sound”.

Some of the new services we offer as a company are; C.C.T.V. systems, Access Control solutions, and Safes (Sales, Service, Moving, Opening, & Installation). Combining these services with our core original services; Locksmith services & door repair services we are able to provide the most effective security solutions for every application.

We look forward to many more years of success in Naples and Southwest Florida!