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Delivering Safes

Delivering Safes

Moving safes is a very dangerous job, people have in fact lost their lives and limbs in the process... You should never try to move a safe on your own without the proper training and tools. There are so many factors that come in to play when your faced with the challenge of moving and installing a safe. Here are just a few things we at "Safe & Sound" look at when we have to move a safe:

  • How much does the safe weight: The weight of the safe is extremely important and determines how many men and what specific method will be used to move the safe.
  • The driveway: Is it paved, is there in incline or decline, can we back our trailer straight up to the entrance of the home.
  • The entrance we will go through: How wide is it, is there a threshold, is there a step.
  • The flooring inside the home: Is it carpet, tile, or wood? All these surfaces present there own different difficulities when moving a heavy object over them.
  • What floor the safe is going to: Moving a safe up stairs is a very dangerous and difficult job and requires extremely specilized tools and training to do so safely.
  • The final location: Is the safe up against a wall, in a corner, is the safe going to need to be bolted down, if so what kind of material is it being bolted into.

How Do You Move A 5,000lb Steel Box?: VERY CAREFULLY!

These are just some of the things we have to take into consideration when moving a safe and believe me, its not even the half of it... We are capable of moving upto 10,000lbs safely, however if needed we can always call for backup and move any size safe or vault door and have it installed! All of the technicians at Safe & Sound have had extensive training from one of the best and most experienced companies in the world when it comes to moving and installing safes & vaults so you don't need to worry for a second! Just call us and we will take care of everything!