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What is the REAL cost?

This is what happens when you hire an untrained locksmith!

     Here is the scenario, it’s Saturday evening and you arrive home from the airport after just getting back from a two week long much needed vacation. When you get to your front door you suddenly realize you don’t have your keys to get into your home! You’re exhausted from all the fun you had on your vacation and from the long flight home that was delayed because TSA had to double check everyone’s shoes!

Can't Open Your Safe?

Can't Open Your Safe?

What do you do when you go to open your safe and you can't? Well the first thing is to not panic. The second thing you need to do is call your trusted locksmith to come help you! When someone first finds out that we open safes all the time for our customers they always ask "why?" I always respond with "Well, just like anything else things break". However, when a safe breaks it is a different kind of problem, usually because the safe breaks while it is locked, never unlocked. Another extremely common situation is that the customer may have forgotten the combination to the safe.



What Is Mul-T-Lock?

  • Mul-T-Lock is a manufacture of mechanical and electromechanical high security locking devices. They manufacture locks that cannot be “Bumped”, “Picked”, are extremely resistant to drilling attacks, and also prevent “Unauthorized Key duplication”.


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