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Top 10 Security Tips!

Top 10 Security Tips!

Top 10 Security Tips To Protect Your Home & Family

Every 15 seconds a home is broken into. It only takes a few minutes but the effects are felt for months, sometimes for years.

It’s not always just the loss of your possessions that is hard to deal with, because these can often just be replaced. However, sometimes even the loss of possessions, family heirlooms, valuable electronics, and important papers that can't be replaced or that take months to sort through can be an absolute nightmare! But it is the loss of your "peace of mind" that is the hardest thing to deal with.

1. Always lock your doors and windows!

This may seem obvious but you would be surprised at how many homes are burglarized each year because the doors were left unlocked or open.

2. Make sure you have adequate locks on your doors.

First you should have a Deadbolt on every door that you can gain access to your home from. Second make sure you have good quality locks on your doors. Remember, not all locks are created equal. There is a reason some locks cost 10$ while others cost 150$. Consult with a local locksmith to address your security needs.

3. Make sure all the locks on your doors are installed properly and working properly.

Just because you have a lock on your door and it seems to be functioning properly does not mean it is. There are two very common mistakes made when locks are installed either by a contractor, handyman, or home owner that make opening or bypassing that lock so simple it is scary!

4. Restrict the number of people that have keys to your home.

Don’t give keys out to contractors or tradesmen unless it is absolutely unavoidable. If that is the case and you have to give a key to your home out don’t take a chance, after they are finished have your locks rekeyed by a locksmith.

5. If you are going out of town, be careful who you tell.

Certainly you never want to advertise on any social media network that you are leaving town. Be careful what colleagues and friends you tell as well. It isn’t necessarily them you have to worry about but who they could pass the information on to.

6. If you own a safe, use it!

If you don’t, consider purchasing one. Before you purchase a safe make sure to talk with a Locksmith that specializes in safes.

7. Keep the perimeter of your home manicured.

This means don’t leave tools or things that could be used to break into your home lying around. Also don’t leave a ladder exposed around your home which may allow a burglar to enter through a second floor door or window that is unlocked.

8. Light it up!

Motion sensor lights are great for deterring burglars. Ideally the best thing would be to have them around the entire perimeter of your home, but at least on all entrances to your home.

9. Slider doors are an easy target for burglars.

Very few locks actually work properly on sliding glass doors. Even fewer will actually stop a criminal. We do not recommend any DIY locks for sliding glass doors because they just don’t work. For this you really should consult with a Locksmith to address this issue.

10. Don’t hide keys around your home!

This was never a good idea! If you are concerned with locking yourself out of your home or allowing access to someone that doesn’t have a key, consult with a locksmith and see what solutions you have available. Today electronic locks are extremely affordable and fit almost every door.

I really hope you have found this information to be useful. If you had a question and you didn’t find the answer here, please email us or call us and we will be more than happy to try to answer your question! Thanks for taking the time to visit our site!