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Everything you Need to Know Before Hiring a Locksmith

Locks are supposed to restrict access to unauthorized persons. That could mean no burglaries in your house, no theft in your office. But we’ve all seen situations wherein we’ve forgotten our keys, locked ourselves out, lost keys, or the lock is too damaged to open, and you’re locked inside. If you’re sick, you contact a doctor, if your fan is not working, you call an electrician. And yet, the idea of calling a locksmith is so new for certain people. Here are some of the reasons why you would need a locksmith, and you might realize you already need a locksmith as you read them all.

Reasons You Need a Locksmith

  1. Moving into a New Home Some people just assume that a new home has the best security system in place, and that the locks are new and do not need replacement. But if you have just moved in, and the house was vacated recently, it is wise to get a locksmith to change all your locks, as you have no idea how many people have duplicate keys to the locks. This does not include only door locks but also locks on unmoved furniture and electronic accessories like refrigerators. Subsequently, if you’re moving into a newly constructed building, there is a high probability that either the builder or the support staff might have its master key, as they tend to have for most houses. In some cases, real estate agents, too. It’s always better to get at least the door locks changed in such cases.
  2. Moving into a Rental Apartment Similar to moving into a new home, you have no idea how many people lived there before you and may have duplicate keys, including the owner. If the owner does not appreciate you changing his lock, consider another apartment to rent. Even if your landlord insists on having a duplicate key, insist on changing the lock first and giving him the new keys. This way only you and the landlord will have the keys. This is true for office rental spaces as well – ensure that you and your landlord are the only ones with keys, and that duplicate keys are in possession of people you know and trust.
  3. Single-Access Installation Single-access installation is a convenience-based requirement wherein you call a locksmith to replace all the locks with a common lock so that you have a common key for all locks in your house. You may also need him to make a master key that can open all locks if you don’t wish to have all locks replaced.
  4. Getting Locked out Accidentally This is one of the most common reasons why people call locksmiths. You may have forgotten the keys to your car, house, wardrobes, etc. and will need locksmiths to break into these spaces to retrieve your key. And by any chance, if you manage to break open these spaces, the locks will be damaged, and you’ll need to get them replaced.
  5. Upgrading the Home Security System Advanced mechanisms like keyless locks, remote-controlled locks, electronic password protected locks, etc. are being preferred today. Local locksmiths may not sound technologically advanced, but if you hire an insured locksmith agency, you can rest assured that they install these mechanisms in your house and also help you maintain them.
  6. Broken or Damaged Keys Corrosion or accidents may cause keys to break. Even if a part of the key, especially the tip is broken or damaged, the key will fail to fit into the lock. Wear and tear of keys are common and unavoidable, but if you get a locksmith to duplicate a damaged key at the right time, you won’t need to worry about broken keys.
  7. Damaged or Corroded Locks Just like keys, locks are also prone to wear and tear and corrosion over time. You’ll need to replace locks from time to time. However, unlike keys, you cannot call it a day by creating new duplicates and throwing out the old ones. When you change locks, you need to ensure you change all keys too, including duplicate keys and master keys.
  8. Forgetting Passwords to an Electronic Security System This is akin to losing keys of traditional locks. Forgetting passwords to security gates or doors or even lockers and safes is common. It is mostly because people do not take these passwords as seriously as passwords of their social media accounts and never write them down or store them somewhere. An electronic security system is a safer lock, as it is harder to break in, so do consider installing one if you haven’t already done so.
  9. Lost or Stolen Keys

People sometimes do not take this situation as seriously as they do when keys are broken or damaged. Why? Just like you do not know who possesses keys to an apartment when you move in, you never know who could have found your lost key, or worse, stolen it without your knowledge. This is very dangerous since you might be opening yourself to possible burglaries. In such a scenario, you need to be prompt and call upon a locksmith to replace the locks.

What to Look for Before Hiring a Locksmith?

  1. Reliability and Accessibility Locksmiths who are insured or work for a reputed agency are usually more reliable. You must also ensure the locksmith is near you so you can call them during an emergency.
  2. Insured to Cover Damages on the job Insured locksmiths usually work for agencies, and these locksmiths will have everything insured. This means in case of any damages resulting from their efforts to pry open locks will be compensated for.
  3. Well Trained A locksmith without training is like a medical practitioner who never went to a medical school. For those of you who think this is an exaggeration, realize this – locks installed by your locksmith are the only things keeping burglars out. When it comes to your security, never settle for second best.
  4. No Ambiguity While Using Tools Expert training means such locksmiths will have the know-how about the right tools to use in the correct way based on the situation. You do not want someone to screw up your lock even more while you’re trying to get it fixed, after all.

Final Word

Locksmiths are like doctors. They treat locks and keys to restore their full health and help keep out foreign agents. You’ll usually need a locksmith for an emergency or for immediate action, but don’t let the plea be so urgent that you don’t ensure the locksmith’s credibility. Call us today at (239) 266-2457 or email us at [email protected] to ensure you hire an insured and licensed company that employs such locksmiths.