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Burglar Rated


Hollon Safe proudly introduces our new Hunter Series gun safe line. Each safe has a 45 minute fire rating at 1400 degrees and consists of 12 gauge steel on both the walls and the door. This means that the steel on our “entry level” gun safe is thicker than most of the gun safes found in the big box retail stores. Additionally, each Hunter Series gun safe includes up to twelve 1.25 inch locking bolts on all four sides for pry attack resistance.

Hollon Oyster Series

The Hollon Safe Fire & Burglary Oyster Series is designed to resist both burglary attacks and fires. These safes have been put through a rigorous KIS and JIS 2 Hour Fire Test at 1700 degrees external and 350 degree internal temperatures as well as a 30 foot impact test.

Each safe is engineered with heavy duty vault style hinges along with a full length 1 inch thick locking bar which extends from the top to the bottom of the door. Even after cutting the hinges off of the safe the door cannot be removed. Talk about security!

Hollon Continental Gun Safe

Introducing the Continental Home and Gun Safe Series; designed with more style without sacrificing our high security and high fire rating. The exterior beveled edge and chrome trim adds that extra special touch. Fire rated for 60 minutes with an intumescent fire seal that is heat activated and expands 7 times its original size. This seals the door to keep out fire and smoke.

Hayman Magna Vault


Combining the utmost in quality with brute strength protection, the MagnaVault series is designed to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your valuables are well protected. The MV Safes are built with heavy composite construction and a massive 4 1/2" inch think door loaded with up to 5 angled hardplates and tempered glass and mechanical re-locking devices to provide premium burglary protection. In addition, large hinges, quality construction and UL-RSC burglar protection. 

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